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Polestar means a “guiding star” that shines brightly in the northern sky, showing the right direction to the lost traveler. It is also called constant, eternal, firm, and faithful. And that’s exactly the role we see ourselves playing in your investment journey.

Srinivas Mallya B.E, PGDBM (Finance) Srinivas has been working in the finance sector for more than 20 years. He has been in the foreign exchange domain and has been interacting with Banks and Corporates all through. Being passionate about the financial markets, Srinivas has developed an in-depth understanding of the equities, forex and bond markets. Being the kind of person he is, Srinivas has been sharing this knowledge with his circle of friends and acquaintances or whoever sought his guidance. He has been guiding families with their finances for more than 10 years. Polestar Investments has been started with this very intention of educating, helping, and guiding families live a peaceful and financially secure life Our Philosophy We will listen to what you want for your future, then together we create a roadmap to help you get there. Not just that, we will walk alongside you, not only encouraging and motivating but also educating you through this enriching journey.


Usha Mallya

Management Graduate with more than 20 years work experience. Close to 15 years in the Mutual Fund industry handling customer service, operations and Distributor interaction. Handled implementation of CRM, RTA processes, Brokerage process, compliance documentation and processes, Risk Management Process. Achievements - Set up customer service departments in Principal Mutual Fund and AIG Mutual Fund. Engaging with the RTA ( Karvy and CAMS). Writes a blog for women on finance and investment called – www.womoneya.comAs a coach and mentor at IFA Insights, developed skill and business-based programs for the IFAs. Trained and upskilled more than 200 distributors across the country.


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Mutual Funds

The Definition

A mutual fund is nothing more than a collection of stocks and/or bonds. You can think of a mutual fund as a company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds, and other securities. Each investor owns shares, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund.

You can make money from a mutual fund in three ways:

1) Income is earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds. A fund pays out nearly all of the income it receives over the year to fund owners in the form of a distribution.

2) If the fund sells securities that have increased in price, the fund has a capital gain. Most funds also pass on these gains to investors in a distribution.

3) If fund holdings increase in price but are not sold by the fund manager, the fund's shares increase in price. You can then sell your mutual fund shares for a profit.

Funds will also usually give you a choice either to receive a check for distributions or to reinvest the earnings and get more shares.


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